Give yourself the best Injectables services in Torrance at South Bay Med Spa.

Botox® - By stopping muscle contraction in the injected area, wrinkles are able to relax/soften. Mostly used for crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, & frown lines. more on Torrance Botox Before & Afters.

Juvederm® Family - Dermal fillers for moderate to severe facial wrinkles/folds, like the lines from your nose to your mouth edges. Juvederm Family Services near Torrance.

Dysport® - Significant reduction of lines between eyebrows. Results tend to show sooner, whereas Botox may last further. Best Dysport near Torrance.

Restylane® - Fills lips, adds volume to fill mouth & nose folds/wrinkles. Learn more about Torrance Restylane Before & Afters.


Our body sculpting, contouring, & skin tightening services are performed Mon-Sat, by registered nurses in those areas.

Coolsculpting: a non evasive stubborn fat removal weight loss treatment that freezes fat away in one to several sessions deepening on the area. Learn more here - How Coolsculpting Works?

NIR Skin Tightening: another non surgical procedure resulting in tighter younger skin. Achieved via infrared light that brings collagen under skin together to create tightness. Learn more here - NIR Skin Tightening near Torrance

We offer several Med Spa Lasers solutions at our Torrance med spa:

Laser Hair Removal - One of the most requested med spa services. Reduce and permanently remove hair growth from both visible & discrete regions you desire. See more on Laser Hair Removal near Torrance.

IPL Photofacial Spot / Scar Treatment - Treats anti-aging spots like brown or red spots from sun damage or skin issues like Rosacea. More on Laser IPL Photofacial services.

Laser Skin Tightening as seen in the Body Tightening section.


Often less evasive than injectables,  skin solutions still go deep & produce results.

Dermal Infusion -Treats oily acne prone skin, removes dead skin, dirt & more. Learn more about Dermal Infusion near Torrance.

Eclipse PRP Micro-Needling - Smoothens uneven skin texture, even tones, minimizing pores. See more on Torrance PRP Microneedling Services.

Chemical Peels & Facials -  Facials treat white & blackheads, Chemical Peels help regenerate cell growth. More about Torrance medical spa Chemical Peels.

Ultherapy - Lifts skin on the neck, chin, and brow. Improves lines and wrinkles on chest. See more on Ultherapy near Torrance.

Radiesse -  Helps cheeks, smile lines, jaw, chin, and more. More info on Radiesse can be found Radiesse med spa services.

Asclera - Removal and improvement of spider veins and small varicose veins on legs. Learn more about our local Asclera services.

Offering a variety of men's most popular and effective med spa services.

Men's Coolscupting Weight Loss  - Sculpt your body and freeze that stubborn flank fat today. More on Coolsculpting Fat / Weight Loss near Torrance.. See more on Coolsculpting - What to Expect Day Of

Men's Laser Hair Removal  - Remove stubborn back and chest hair. Learn more about Laser Hair Removal.

Men's Botox & Injections  - Tighten loose and aged skin for that refreshing youthful feel once again. Botox & Dysport can be used to treat male pattern baldness as well. More on Men's Botox Before - After near Torrance.