PRP Injections for Collagen & Hair Restoartion:


Platelet Rich Plasma or (PRP) therapy is a non-surgical option for both male and female clients looking to stimulate hair growth from common hair loss conditions.

We provide PRP injections in our Whittier facility. These injections can be used to stimulate collagen as well as elastin regeneration to create younger looking and feeling skin.






Most common Treatment Areas:


PRP has also been shown to improve and diminish the appearance of scars including, but not limited to both acne and post surgical scars.

  • Scalp
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Body (8x8 area)


General Benefits of PRP Injections for Hair Loss & Collagen Production:

The Benefits of PRP:

PRP uses the body’s own concentrated platelets to stimulate new and healthy cell growth. this process then helps with various body healing gains:

  • Cell growth and healing within the body.
  • Produces more natural Elastin
  • Preserves Body's Natural Collagen
  • Delays Effects of Aging
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PRP Services Near Whittier:

South Bay Med Spa it's a multi facility medical spa group offering professional PRP injection services in both our Torrance and Whittier offices Mon-Sat.

PRP is a well established service in medical, sports, and beauty industries. When near our Torrance or Whittier office, you'll never have to ask; "where's the best PRP injections near me?" again! Read above for further education on how PRP injections can work best for your situation.

Injections performed by registered nurses and experienced estheticians. Average times vary, but can be in the minimum of 25 mins to maximum of 40 min range depending on area of injection & desired results.

Med Spa providing PRP Injections Near Whittier.